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Greenwood County Cemetery

Rules & Regulations

The Greenwood County Cemetery

The Greenwood Cemetery, located at 1407 East Seventh St, is open to the public from daylight to dark. Visitors are welcome to tour the cemetery grounds but are asked to adhere to a few simple regulations. Please no dogs in the cemetery as they can make some other visitors uncomfortable and the manure can be an issue. Of course please stay on the roads, rutting causes headaches for the mowing crew. There are posted signs and we encourage you to follow their direction.

Of course, with any questions about burials, plots, monuments or memorials please call or stop by the City Clerks Office. The Clerks Office also handles the sales of interment plots. Our Cemetery Sexton will be glad to provide directions or answer questions if you can catch him off his mower.


Greenwood County Cemetery Rules & Regulations

12-201. CEMETERY LOTS; USE. All lots shall be held as burial places for the dead, and for no other purpose. (Code 1965, 9-501)

12-202. BURIALS; RESTRICTIONS. The owners of any lots shall not allow interments to be made in their lots for remuneration, nor shall any transfer or assignment of any lot or any interest therein be valid without securing the registration and the endorsement in writing on the back thereof, by the city clerk. (Code 1965, 9


12-203. MONUMENTS. The owner of each lot shall have the right to erect any proper stones, monuments and sepulcher structures on that lot, except that no vaults or mausoleum shall be built entirely or partly above-ground unless they are not less than two feet from the edge of the lot upon which they are built. (Code

1965, 9 503)

12-204. LOTS; PLANTS AND SHRUBS. The owner of every lot shall have the right to cultivate only such shrubbery and plants in the same as shall be approved by the city council or the sexton, but no trees growing within the lots or on the border thereof shall be cut down or destroyed without having first secured the written permission of the city council or the sexton. (Code 1965, 9 504)

12-205. LOTS; CARE. The city council may prohibit or remove any erection, enclosure, or anything which they deem detrimental to the general good appearance of the ground or which shall, in the judgment of the city council prevent the easy or proper care of lot, and may remove or prune trees, shrubbery or flowers within the cemetery. (Code 1965, 9-505)

12-206. LOTS; GRADING; CURBS. No mound or any grave shall be raised to such a height that it cannot be mown across with a lawnmower. In no case shall the height exceed four inches above the regular ground line. No curbing shall be built around any lot or grave. (Code 1965, 9-506)

12-207. INTERMENTS. All interments and dis-interments shall be made by the sexton of the cemetery on presentation of an order from the city clerk which shall be issued on the payment of the proper fee therefor. (Code 1965, 9-507)

12-208. OPENING GRAVES; CHARGE. (a) The charge for opening and closing graves of a length of four feet (4’) and under in Greenwood Cemetery shall be $100.00 for each grave on week days and $200.00 for each grave on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. The charge for opening and closing graves of a length of more than four feet (4’) in Greenwood Cemetery shall be $250.00 for each grave on week days and $400.00 for each grave on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

(b) The charge for purchasing grave sites in those areas designated, as baby row shall be $50.00 per grave site. The charge for purchasing all other grave sites in Greenwood Cemetery shall be $300.00 per grave site to be used for burial of a resident of Greenwood County and $500.00 per grave site for the burial of a nonresident. There will be a 10% discount given to anyone purchasing at one time, a full lot, which consist of eight grave sites. A resident of the Greenwood County is an individual who resided in the Greenwood County at the time of Lot Purchase.

(Ord. 4054, Sec. 1; Ord. 3994, Sec. 1; Code 2007)

12-209. INTERMENTS; RESTRICTIONS. No interment shall be made of two or more bodies in one grave, unless the bodies lie side by side, the fees being the same as two interments, except in the case of a mother and infant, or two children buried in one coffin. (Code 1965, 9-509)

12-210. INTERMENT; RESTRICTIONS. No interment of any body other than that of a human being shall be permitted in the cemetery. (Code 1965, 9-510)

12-211. INTERMENTS; NOTICE; RESTRICTIONS. Whenever interments are to be made, the notice shall be given on the day previous to the sexton and if the interment is to be made in a private lot, the location of the grave in the lot shall be specified. No interment of any body other than that of an immediate relative or heir of the owner of any lot shall be made unless written permission of such lot owner is filed with the city clerk. (Code

1965, 9-511)

12-212. MONUMENTS; JOINT OWNERSHIP. Where the lot is owned by two or more parties, and they desire to erect a monument, it is recommended that they unite in erecting a joint memorial. (Code 1965, 9-512)

12-213. WOODEN GRAVE MARKERS. Wooden grave markers or monuments are prohibited. (Code 1965, 9-


12-214. MONUMENT FOUNDATIONS. (a) The bases of all monuments or markers must be cut so as to set squarely on level foundations.

(b) All monuments and engraved stones must be placed upon foundations built of solid masonry or concrete, which shall not be more than three feet deep nor less than four inches thick and of a size no less than six

inches outside the base of the stone to be placed upon the base. (c) No foundation shall be built less than one foot square.

(Ord. 2422, Sec. 1)

12-215. CEMETERY HOURS. No person shall be permitted within the cemetery between the hours of sunset and sunrise. (Code 1965, 9-515)

12-216. TREES AND SHRUBS. It shall be unlawful for any person to plant in or remove from any lot or portion of a lot any tree or shrub without the prior consent of the governing body. The governing body reserves the right to trim or remove any trees, shrubs, or plants growing on any lot. (Code 1965, 9-516)

12-217. DOGS IN CEMETERY. It shall be unlawful for any person to permit a dog to run loose in the cemetery. All persons entering any cemetery with a dog must keep the same on leash or confined within an automobile. (Code 1965, 9-617)

12-218. CONDUCT IN CEMETERY. It is to be remembered that the cemetery grounds are sacredly devoted to the interment of the dead and proper decorum within and near the cemetery shall be mandatory of all persons at all times.

(Code 1965, 9 618)

12-219. ADVERTISEMENTS. No advertisement shall be permitted within the cemetery at any time. (Code

1965, 9-519)

12-220. VEHICLES; ANIMALS. It shall be unlawful for any person to drive any vehicle or any animal upon cemetery grounds except upon the drives provided for that purpose. (Code 1965, 9-520)

12-221. OFFENSES AFFECTING GRAVES. It shall be unlawful for any person without authority of the relatives of the deceased or the person in charge of the cemetery willfully to remove or destroy any monuments, or decoration on the premises in the cemetery, or in any way to molest or disturb any grave or the improvements placed on the burial lot where any grave is located. (Code 1965, 9-521)