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Eureka's Water Department

Clean, pure, safe water delivered to your home

The City of Eureka's Water Department actually consists of three sub-departments. The Water Plant where our municipal water is treated to stringent KDHE standards, the Water Department whose responsibility is the pipeing system that transports the clean water to your home, and the Sewer Department that manages the lines that collect grey and black water used by the citizens and transports it to the sewer lagoons SouthEast of the city. The Warter Plant is featured in a seperate article.

For the city's purpose the water and sewer departments are handled under the same heading, staffed by the same people, but are two different budgets. This dedicated crew is on call 24/7 365 days a year, as is actually all of our maintance staff. They respond to leaks in either the water or sewer system repairing them with as little interuption to the end user as possible.

If you suspect any kind of leak, water or sewer, call the City Clerks office, 620-583-6511, to make a report.


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