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57113d428f65b Eureka City Water Plant
Raw water enters the plant through this line
KDHE approved chemicals are added to remove sediment and balance PH
The water is allowed to move slowly through two clairifiers where any suspended sediment falls out of solution
That's a shaft of sunlight shining through 18 feet of clear water. The water is actually clearer than glass
Water then flows through two activated charcoal filters that remove any remaining solids
The piping that supplies the filters
The water is closely monitored for chlorine parts per million and tested several times daily
Computer controlled panels drive the pumps
The pumps that feed the city water system
Safe, clean water exits the plant to your home
Eureka City Water Plant

Eureka City Water Plant

The Eureka City Water Plant is staffed by our two certified water plant operators, Mike and Kevin. They take some of the best water in the State of Kansas and make it safe for citizens of Eureka and customers of Greenwood Rural Water I and II to drink. The process is straight forward and tried & true.

Eureka's water originates at a reservoir in the Flint hills known as W-7. It is about 270 acres of naturally clean water.



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