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Building Permit


Permits are complicated business so it's best to work face to face. It is always best to find out if you need a permit for your project before hand than later. Also if you are interested in the Neighborhood Revitalization Act tax rebate and your project qualifies, you will have to have a building permit.

If you are looking for other city code information please click on the CITY CODE button at the left of this article or the CITY CODE button at the right of any page just under the weather.  Please be aware that code changes and updates happen on a regular basis and the copy of the city code on this website may not represent the latest adopted codes.

The code violations we write the most tickets for are:    Junk Vehicles

                                                                                Dogs at large

                                                                                Trash & debris

                                                                                Dilapidated Structures

                                                                                Un-mowed yards/weeds

Codes pertaining to these violations can be found in the section of the code CHAPTER VIII. HEALTH AND WELFARE with the exception of dogs. That will be found under CHAPTER II. ANIMAL CONTROL AND REGULATION.



For assistance with your permit or code questions, please come to,or call the City Administrator's office.   

Phone: 620-583-6140    Email cityadm@fox-net.net                                                                            



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