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Eureka, Ks


       Built in a time in history when all man had was the dirt of the earth, and the wood of a tree. Nothing was easily obtained, not food, nor water, a place to sleep...nothing was taken for granted. The foundations of this city, its morals, and who we are today were built by our predecessors through sweat, hard work, and pure determination, placing the bricks of history one by one.

Today, although commodities may be more within reach, it is through the planning and hard work of our City Council and employees that this beautiful city is kept clean and safe, as well as a viable area for business to strive. It is through this due diligence, participation, and patronage of the public that Eureka will continue to grow upon the foundations buried deep within history. 

Eureka, it is said, was founded in the summer of 1857 when a group of weary settlers making their dogged journey across the Eastern Flint Hills of Kansas happened upon a nice spring of clear water. The discoverer called out to his companions "Eureka, I have found it!". The original spring site, located at FOUNDERS PARK, is commerated by a stone monument with this story engraved upon it. The settlers claimed 302 acres around the spring for a townsite, and Eureka was chosen for the name. The Eureka Townsite Company was granted a charter on April 6, 1867 and the town was incorporated on April 30, 1870.


The following short article was taken from the Eureka Hereld, at this time the town consisted of about thirteen houses, shacks, and shanties providing shelter to approximatly fifty residents:

(December 4, 1868)

This place is the county seat of Greenwood County, but has had an existence as a town only about six months, although the Town Company was organized some months before it was got in working order and a post office has been kept at the present town site since 1858.


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